Toinen linja 3
00530 Helsinki

For reservations of more than six people, we kindly ask you to send an email to varaukset@ravinteliolkkari.fi

Opening hours

Tue-Thu 17-23
Fri-Sat 15-24
Sun-Mon Closed

The kitchen closes
one hour earlier.

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Mother's Day Menu
Drinks & Cocktails
Mother's Day Menu

Welcome to celebrate Mother’s Day at Olkkari!

Welcome to Olkkari

Ravinteli Olkkari is the new stylish living room of the neighborhood, where ambition and quality are combined with a relaxed and down-to-earth atmosphere.

The restaurant’s interior shows design from different decades, showcasing partly forgotten and dramatic beauty.

The menu lives from the best of the season and local ingredients, bows to classics but does not shy away from surprising with its inventiveness.

A curated wine and cocktail list brings together timeless favorites as well as our staff’s own favorites and inventions.

Olkkari (living room)

A living room is a room in a home used for leisure activities such as lounging, relaxing and socialising with your family or friends.

À la carte

Menu Olkkari & Wine Pairings

A five-course menu with wine recommendations.